s time travel possible? This is one of the questions that we have all thought of at one point. There has been many movies and books based upon this idea. When you get into this question, many other questions arise: If I went into the past would I affect the future?, Would I see myself if I went into the past?, If I went into the past and stopped my mom and dad from meeting would I be alive, and if so how would I stop them from meeting? Once you get unto the subject, the possibilities are endless but is it even possible in the first place? Through my research on Spaceplace, I found a few things out. Special relativity says that when your speed relative to other objects is close to the speed of light, time goes slower for you than the people not going near the speed of light. This isn’t something you would feel or recognize until you went back and met them. One example I got from this website was if you left earth at the age of fifteen and were traveling very close to the speed of light for five years, when you returned to earth, your friends that were 15 would then be around 65. This shows that time travel is possible but you would need to be traveling extremely fast, most likely in space, for a very long time. One day we may be able to perfect time travel and have it available here on Earth. This seem very interesting and exciting but it may end poorly if it is used by the wrong person.


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  1. Alex 2 years ago


    I found this to be very interesting. The concept of time travel has only been shown in sci-fi movies and tv shows and is depicted as a fantasy. But I’ve always wondered whether or not time travel will ever be possible. Although finding a real way to time travel won’t be relevant for years to come, I think you offered dome great insight on how it may become possible in the future,

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