There are traits that are characteristic of first born children, which differ from middle children and the youngest. These changing personalities are a result of different parenting methods and styles for each child, and are influenced by the role of the other sibling.

I am the youngest of two; I have a sister who is three years older than me. According to this article about birth order and personality, I should be “attention-seeking, fun-loving, manipulative, and outgoing.” My sister follows the website’s tendencies, as she is both reliable and achieving. I’d like to think that I’m not manipulative and attention-seeking like the article suggests, but I am–more so than my sister.

I was curious to how I would act if I had no siblings, and according to the website, only children tend to be “diligent, mature, and conscientious.” That sounds a lot better than being the self-centered baby of the family. Therefore, I can blame my sister for my procrastination and lack of focus in school. I’m not saying that it’s accurate, but having a sibling could very well have affected how I behave, and possibly in a negative way. And the same applies for her. I doubt that these birth order-based dispostions are always accurate. However, it is proven that having no siblings can significantly change how the child acts. My sister has definitely played a large role in my childhood and development. It is not hard to believe that without her, I would be a very different person today.


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  1. Kaylea 2 years ago

    Dear Sam,
    I am interested in your post because you are talking about how siblings can affect your personality. I believe your personality if affected by everything as you grow and can not be determined by just your siblings. Your siblings will affect and being in different ages like middle child and oldest will change who you are but that also depends who your siblings become.

    One thing you said that stood out to me was’ “ I’d like to think that I’m not manipulative and attention-seeking like the article suggests, but I am–more so than my sister.” stereotypes like these had to have come from somewhere and a lot of the younger siblings have to be attention seeking and manipulate because they have to compete or have always gotten more attention. This isn’t always true and sometimes it’s the opposite but for the most part the stereotypes are extreme examples to the truth.

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