The current debate over kneeling and sitting has become a big issue in America. Everyone on this earth has their own beliefs, its like forcing Muslim to believe Buddhism. Kneeling is really over racial injustice and police brutality, They can’t completely stop it so there only way to show it’s a real problem is to kneel. Its not like the Government or president will step in and fight for people’s right, Donald Trump is clearly worried about another country than trying to clean his own country. Think about why they began to kneel anyway? What was the cause? Others say maybe there wouldn’t be a need for a protest if Americans came together and agreed for once how the NWBA does. When players kneel they put their hands over their heart which shows they still appreciate the flag when the national anthem plays. Travis Hancock a writer made it noticeable that doesnt not saying the whole national anthem disrespectful?
Kneeling is appropriate and people need to face it. It’ll show the world their serious about their issues. Everyone needs support in our world and we should start now. They’re more problems going on in the world. Think about the homeless veterans that fought for us that stand around outside every night and day we care so much about standing for them for the national anthem but cant stop to help them out.



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  1. Carelis 3 years ago

    I think that kneeling isn’t disrespectful since they have their hand over their heart. It’s also a way to peacefully protest. I really like how you said the current President is more worried about other countries because I completely agree. I feel like he hasn’t really brought America closer together if anything he has brought us farther apart.

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