Are we really free? When we think of American creed, the first thing that comes to mind is our value for liberty. However, if you don’t pay income tax they lock you up, if you don’t pay property tax, they take your land if you don’t play by their ridiculous rules you’re better off dead. Our country is being taken over, but not by foreign invaders, but by leaders, whom of which refuse to abide by the constitution that has held us together for so many years. The federal government seems to be the root of all evil, the IRS, ATF, NSA, CIA and far too many more are outlaw programs that invade our privacy and abuse the people that they supposedly serve under.

For starters, the ATF is a huge threat to our constitution and has been since the 30s. They enforce an unconstitutional act called the NFA (National firearms act) which has all sorts of the amendments and statutes attached to it the limit our second amendment rights, a few of the regulations attached to the NFA would be the registration of machine guns, short barrel shotguns, and short barrel rifles. What ever happened to “the right of a people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” as found in the second amendment?

The Hughes amendment which was intended to protect gun owners and is attached to the FOPA (Firearms Owners protection Act) but the manufacturing ban on fully automatic weapons was slipped under the rug, and now a civilian can’t buy an automatic weapon after 1986. A lot of politicians say the American people don’t need these “destructive devices”, although the very reason for the second amendment is to protect us from the government, and the very fact that a politician or agency would attempt to take power from the American people and centralize that power to the government, that individual or group of individuals should be charged with treason.

The IRS knows every detail about your life, they can find very purchase you made, all your banking information, all car and house payments and if they want, they have the ability to drain your accounts dry. The four amendment states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures”. Then NSA is not much different, as exposed in vault 7, a massive CIA data dump published by wiki leaks these agencies can hack and monitor our cars, TVs, cell phones, smart watches and anything that can connect to the internet.

We as a people have let our freedom slide away and it’s most likely from allowing our government value the society over the individual when this happens the rights of the individual are trampled. Results are the overall damage of the society. As said by Ben Franklin “those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Value the freedom you have and take back what you don’t.




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Photo by DonkeyHotey



  1. Bryant 3 years ago

    Adam, I liked your post a lot, one thing that I thought was interesting was when you stated how numerous amounts of government agencies go against our amendments and our rights a United State citizens. Although I think that people shouldn’t be allowed to own automatic weapons you are right that, that is a restriction to our second amendment. Also I believe that these agencies are put in place for our protection and aren’t here to hurt or put us in danger, but I can see from where someone would want complete privacy and not have someone watching them like the NSA. One question I have for you is how do you think we should take back the freedoms that have been taken away from us? Thanks for writing about this, it made me see things from a completely different perspective.

  2. EmmaC 3 years ago

    Adam, your post was quite interesting. I would have never thought to connect branches like the CIA, NFA, IRS, and AFT to some of the major issues made in the past and some that are still being made. Personally, I believe having restrictions on firearms is a good thing. I believe such a thing because we are not in constant war, the main reason why people own firearms is to protect their families, you don’t necessarily need a machine gun for that. The typical protection guns tend to be a type of pistol. But only 32% of gun owners use their guns for hunting, and they don’t need anything heavy duty. What good would it be if the government allowed citizens to own machine guns, short barrel shotguns, etc?
    Thank you for your thoughtful post, i’m looking forward to your next.

    Some links you might find interesting:

    • Author
      Adam 3 years ago

      The purpose of the Second Amendment is to defend ourselves from the federal government. The current ban on machine guns is unconstitutional because it provides the government with another competitive edge against its armed citizenry. Though our military is the most it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a chance of defending ourselves from Tyranny. Looking at recent military conflicts the United States has been in, it would not be impossible to fight the evil that lies within our government. The United States was beaten Vietnam by rice farmers with AK-47s and basically the same thing in Afghanistan except they were Afghan an they
      farmed opium.

  3. Conor 3 years ago


    First off, I’d like to say that I admire how passionate you are about this topic, and questioning our government’s decisions and regulations is a core part of what it means to live in America and be an American. However, don’t forget that many of the things that the government does are them trying to protect us from others and ourselves. You say that it is an infringement to our second amendment rights to take away fully automatic machine guns from citizens, but let’s look at this taking the constitution out for a second. What use would an average, everyday citizen have for a fully automatic, military level machine gun? You may say hunting, but I fell like that is a bit overkill. We already have such a large advantage over the animals we hunt, and are putting ourselves in no danger what so ever when we use just a simple hunting rifle. You may sat protection, but how often does a team of armed, military level robbers break into our house just to take some furniture. If you need to have something, even a simple pistol will probably do in the rare event someone breaks into your house. Plus, I feel it’s far more likely that you might mistake a loved coming home late at night for a robber, and then we have a tragedy on our hands. Finally, you may say that we need these guns to protect ourselves from the government. Most likely, if police officers or the army are coming for you, you’ve done something wrong, and if you haven’t you should try and explain yourself in court, before you commit an actual crime. In conclusion, although people may not have access to all the guns they want, they can still get protective guns if needed fairly easily, and I believe that the benefits of having people feel safe in their homes and at work, and of avoiding another tragedy like what happened in Las Vegas this week, far outweigh the costs.

  4. Junhyoung 3 years ago

    Hello Adam. I find your view on freedom quite interesting. I had not considered that limitations on the ownership, production, and use of firearms as a restriction of freedom. You also helped me remember that the American government has made some rather serious mistakes in the past. Yet I think that we cannot forget that things such as the Second Amendment, were made in a time where things were very different. Could changes to these ancient policies really be that bad? As I said before, times were different back then. Some people relied on firearms for sustenance, and self-defense, making such laws necessary. But in a modern world where we see constant conflict between different groups and factions of all categories, such weapons in the hands of the wrong people could do more damage than necessary. So maybe change isn’t something we should fear or hate. Maybe, if circumstance provides, it’s the best option?

    • Author
      Adam 3 years ago

      Well if there’s a circumstance in which we need fire arms to defend ourselves from the government, it means that the government has cross serious lines and if the citizenry had been armed the entire time the government would’ve most likely not crossed those lines.

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