This shadow box represents who I am.  When people look at me they see that my race is Guatemalan and that I’m a nice girl that does all her work and turns her work on time. My dominant narrative is that many people assume that later in the future I will be successful because of how they see me working hard and because I speak three different languages, but my counter-narrative is I see myself as a  good person that likes to draw and likes to laugh around with her friends. My identity expression is how I express myself, for example, I like to laugh with my friends a lot and we would be really crazy. People tell us why are we so crazy also they have asked us “if we were on drugs” because of how we acted, that is a dominant narrative of teens who have energy. But I do not do drugs, just like to laugh and have fun. I have chosen to include shells in my Shadow Box because I would go to the beach and collect the shells with my siblings. The shells remind me of my family because we go to the beach and spend some family time together. Also, I added some flowers to represent that I like flowers a lot.


  1. Jocelyn 2 years ago

    Dear yojana, I really like your Shadow box because like u said in your paper that u love collecting them becuawcit reminds u of your family I think that’s nice. Another thing I liked about your Shadow box is that you put a flower and at the end of your paper you said you love flowers that’s amazing because I love flowers too.



  2. Ingrid 2 years ago

    Dear Yojana,
    My name is Ingrid Ramirez, I really like your shadow box because you have specifically the things that represent you and your family who seem very important for you. I have so many connections with you because people think that of me to. Am very glad to hear you speak 3 languages and am guessing one of them is mam. I feel so proud of you for knowing our native language because I speak it to. Anyways, thank you for sharing your story and it gave me some ideas of my shadow box!


  3. Evelyn 2 years ago

    Dear Yojana,

    Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Evelyn Diaz and I am a student at Fremont High School.
    Something I liked about your work was that you included what you like to do with your siblings and that you described the shells as a really special object for you.Something I have a question about is Why did you decided to add flowers? What do flowers mean to you?. Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is .
    Thank You!
    Evelyn Diaz

  4. Linda 3 years ago

    Dear Yojana,
    I am glad about your shadow box because you explained the stereotypes people have been giving you and the fact that you address your identity expression. One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is “I speak three different languages”. I think this is delightful because it is wonderful to hear someone speak another language without being afraid to address to other people. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you talked about stereotyping and I want to hear more about that. Also because this will help other people want to share out more about their personal life just like how you did.

  5. Leslie 3 years ago

    Hello Yojana,
    I am happy about your work, with what you have done with your shadow box and added on your post “Yojana’s Dominant and Counter narrative shadow box” because you weren’t afraid to share out your story of the dominant and counter narratives. I think that the explanation of your shadow box is really good because it’s clear to understand what people think about you and how you explain to us that those dominant narratives are not true. What stood out to me was how you have added objects that represent your race, for example the little house (not really sure how is it called) you have on the left corner, I really like that. I really enjoy seeing all the objects from your shadow box and also heard more about your life. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it seems really interesting to read more about you or your believes. Also I would like to see how far you can go. Keep it up! – Leslie

  6. Julio 3 years ago

    Hello Yojana,my name is Julio I go to Fremont High School and I also did a shadow box.I really liked how you expressed yourself and how hard you work.I also liked how you put how hard working you are.

  7. Janely 3 years ago

    Hi dear Yojana
    What does the little house in the back means to you personally?
    From 1 to 10 how much like to hang out with your friend?
    Well I can relate with those Dominant Narrative because I’m also Guatemalan. Well something I can say is that Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

  8. Jane 3 years ago

    Haii yojana my name is jane im a freshman at Fremont High School i really like the way you put your box together, family is a really big part of me too I understand it

  9. Anthony 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed your post Yojana, I really liked when you said, “many people assume that later in the future I will be successful because of how they see me working hard’, but says “If you were seeking a new role and were selling yourself, hard work is not a unique qualifier. So what makes you think it is a differentiator when seeking a competitive position? Sometimes, just like the aforementioned client, a manager or organization may take advantage. Selling your soul by working around the clock can have its down side.” Meaning, you have to do things in life in moderation.

  10. Reyna 3 years ago

    I can really see that family is a very big part of your identity. That’s really nice to see how you feel so connected. In your shadow box I can see a little house not 100% sure if its a house but does it have a valuable significance to why it was added? You say people can see your Guatemalan do you think it’s because you are a proud of it and show your Guatemalan Culture or because of stereotypes? I’m really happy to hear you are a happy girl and like to have fun. Keep up the good work.

    • Author
      Yojana 3 years ago

      Dear Reyna,

      Thank you for commenting on my shadow box. I wanted to answer your questions, well the house means nothing but the things that ar in the house does mean something. All the things that are in the house are what my country uses to to cook or what is help full for them. I added the house because it came with the stuff that is inside. For the next question people assume I am guatemalan because of the stereotypes that they see guatemalan people. Like for example they have told me that all guatemalan people are short and I tell that is not true because some people are not that short so I disagree with there opinion. Have people assumed something about you based on your looks?

  11. Treyvon 3 years ago

    I really appreciate this post Yojana,
    I like how you are able to express yourself and showcase your emotions with your friends. It is a great thing to be able to enjoy the time you have with friends/family and it is great that you love it so much. People should see you for what you believe in, and what you enjoy to do and you showed this really well by stating the things that you like and dislike. People should not be stereotyped by where they come from or how they may appear. This is a great topic and I hope you continue writing because this was an outstanding post.

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