Who am I? I am Naycet Bernal I am Latina, my ethnicity is Mexican because my family is from Mexico and I was born in the US. I am proud to be Mexican and to be from Oakland. And there is nothing you can do to change that. But when people look at me they assume that I am uneducated, immigrant and a girl that is going to grow up and need a man to take care of her. These are the dominate narrative that people say about me. The counter narratives are that I am well educated, I was born in the US, and I have big dreams to become someone. In my shadow box, I decided to put a flower in the middle because this represents how I can stand alone and be independent. I also decided to put a flag that is half the Mexican flag and American flag, this represents my race because this flag shows how I am proud to be both Mexican and American. In my shadow box, I have a picture of different type’s of woman that they all have their own kind of unique qualities and it says, “WE ARE ALL WONDER WOMAN!” this shows how you don’t have to look the same to be a strong and a powerful female. You can look different and don’t have to fit into society “box.” The cross that I have in my shadow box represents my religion. The red heart that I have in my box means that I choose to be kind to others as much as possible.The seashells and the stars mean that I have dreams of becoming someone in the future. The last thing that I decided to add to my shadow box is a bird and this represent the ability to be free, free myself from all the stereotypes and oppression that the world brings on us (females).



  1. Marquisha 3 years ago

    Dear Naycet, Thank you for sharing this brilliant work .My name is Marquisha an I am a student at Fremont High School. Something I lIked about your work was how you showed how women are judged by society and how you described how you are proud to live in oakland and be Mexican American.Something I have a question about is what made you not forget to describe everything on your shadow box? Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is http://marquishawfhs2021.edublogs.org/
    Thank you,

  2. Kimberly 3 years ago

    Dear Naycet,
    I really liked your paragraph because it was really powerful and strong. Something that I really liked was when you said that you don’t have to look the same to be a powerful and strong woman. I agree with you when you said that people assume that you are a uneducated and immigrant girl because I am a Latina too and they assume that we are not educated and can’t find a good job beause we are immigrants.

  3. Dayana 3 years ago

    Hi my name is dayana and Im writing from fremont high school, i enjoyed what you said in your paragraphs because you gave us details of what you put on your shadow box and why. I also loved the sea shells you put in it because i like seashells .

    • Author
      Naycet 3 years ago

      Thank you Dayana for reading my shadow box description. I was wonder if you were to make your own shadow box what will you out in it and why?

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