Author: Velvet

What my shadow box says about me.

Shadow Box

Velvet Eligio

When people look at me, they see a Latina girl, with brown eyes, black hair, and they assume that I enjoy anything related to Mexico because many other Latina/os enjoy Mexican activity or because that’s the popularity, but I see myself as an independent girl who loves music, drawing, and being silly. What my shadow box represents is that the two flags that I have inside  are the Mexico and USA flag. What that means is that I am Latina and I am proud being Latina. But, my nationality is American. Something else in my shadow box is a pencil because that represents that I love drawing and I have always enjoyed drawing, drawing is my passion and I wanna become a better artist as I grow. What I also have in my shadow box is the words Oakland because I have lived in Oakland my whole life and I guess I could call it home. I grew up in Oakland and if I go on a trip or somewhere else and I finally come back to Oakland it feels like home. I also have a bracelet from Mexico because that was the time I went to Mexico for the first time and I wanna remember and have something to remember of Mexico. In my shadow box I have the YouTube logo because I enjoy watching videos, I could spend a whole day just on YouTube without getting bored because there are many different kinds of videos I could watch, I also enjoy watching videos from people I love. I have a bracelet or necklace with a cross and that represents I am religious and that I am Catholic.