In the American creed, no matter what the changes over time, the basis of individual freedom and personal liberty stays the same. We are a unique country in the world, and an idea like that is impressed on many outsiders, be they international students or simply people who want to know about America. Even with changes in government and our leaders cycling through, even with the evolution of sports from simply a cultural event to an economic and political endeavour, the underlying American creed is the same.
To international students, America represents a unique place in the world. A culturally iconic learning center, we are at the top of the world in terms of diversity of learning systems. If they want to move here and live here, most international students must learn our creed and our way of life if they want to make the most of their time in America. America is vastly different from many countries around the world, and our ways of communication and friendship may seem very foreign and alien to others around the world. “The U.S. American lifestyle is generally casual. You will see students going to class in shorts and t-shirts. Male instructors seldom wear a tie and some may even wear blue jeans. Female instructors often wear slacks along with comfortable walking shoes.” (Beane para 6) In this article, “An Adventure in American Culture and Values”, the author hopes to prep incoming foreign students on our values and lifestyles. This example of informality is just one example of how we’re a unique nation in the world.
In a world that changes everyday, changes in authority often lead to radical changes in the lifestyle of a country. However, this is not the case in America, because we had such intelligent original writers of the constitution. Everyday life stays mostly the same, even with the changes in authority. In an article titled “The transformation of the ‘American Dream’” the author argues a fundamental part of our lifestyle has changed for the worse because some of our leaders argue the American Dream is now more than ever about homeownership and personal wealth when it should continue to be about equality and respect to all people,” Mr. Trump and Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and urban development, have suggested it involves owning a beautiful home and a roaring business,…” and “… Instead, in the 1930s, it meant freedom, mutual respect and equality of opportunity. It had more to do with morality than material success.” (Shiller para 3) What the author doesn’t understand is that the American dream is not about either of those things separately, but about all of them together. The American dream is a fundamental part of our unique lifestyle, and our lifestyle changes over time. However, the American Dream doesn’t change like that over time. It was always about homeownership and property wealth, but it was also always about equality and respect and giving everyone equal opportunity.
In the early 20th century, American sports like football and baseball were only cultural events. Throughout the century they have morphed into economic, even political, endeavours that shape lifestyles and create dreams. In an article from Louisiana State University, “Watching and playing sports provide ways to escape the stress of our daily lives and come together as a community. Hosting sporting events can boost tourism and revenue for a city.” (para 2) Through many different avenues, in television or other forms of media like newspapers, these sports have represented an increasing change in lifestyle, that however large, is staying very true to the ideals of the American Dream.
Throughout the world, peoples of other nations can see that American ideals have always stayed the same throughout the years and have required no changes throughout the times. Even though some argue that our ideals need to change to an alternate lifestyle, what they don’t understand is that the American dream is flexible and always has a very unique basis of very unique, all encompassing, American Ideals. One aspect of lifestyle that has changed throughout time is sporting events, and being such a fundamental part of American lifestyle, they have just become more and more about our unique ideas and drive to make the best out of whatever situation we’re in. The American Lifestyle has had many changes over the years, but an ideal that has stayed steadfast is the American Dream.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 The Perseverance of the American Creed by Walter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Owen 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading about how although the life of Americans is changing, the principles on which we were built remain constant and provide as reasoning for why we’ve been able to persevere as a nation. Do you think our country is united enough on these founding principles that the American Dream will continue to stay so steady and be such a guarantee in the future?

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