An important thing we must have and appreciate in American culture to truly have a good reputation as a country is to understand other people’s needs and perspectives. If everybody did this then our country would be perfectly selfless and free from selfishness. However, nobody is perfect and people fail and get angry with others as is a part of our human nature. But, it doesn’t hurt to push and try to achieve excellence in this category. For example, Planned Parenthood supports and understands the needs of many families and children and has become a good contributor to our society thus representing our values. Let’s see what happens when we fail to meet these 

When there are no institutions set up to help anyone, the amount of people that needs help get used to having no help, and they become a less good contributor to the society because they are not living up to their true potential.  It is very important for our leaders to recognize this issue and do something about or else we can’t function. This is why it is so important as Americans to set up institutions helping the needs of others so that our society may be cleansed from trouble so people can have enough room to succeed.  We really can’t prosper as Americans and fulfill the American dream if we do not recognize and try to help the needs of others.  This is what our leaders need to do.

I believe in order to accomplish this goal, the government needs to be involved by helping set up companies that would support people’s needs.  When I say needs, I mean disability, health, etc… We also need to keep science active and have all of our science programs up and running and giving us new information daily. This information will give clues on how to heal certain people’s issues and make them adapt to the society better.  Yes, this is going on today, but I think we could do better.  We need to speed the system up to make our society even more prosperous. The question is, how are we going to do that. Well, I am not educated enough in the field of research needed for these issues to tell you, but this is my argument on how helping others needs makes our country better and fulfills our moral values.

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What Morally does America stand for? “What is morality? morally does America stand for/


How would you define American creed?” America and morality?




  1. Xochitl 3 years ago


    Helping and understanding others are two important parts of any society. Everyone in the world should strive to be better at this. How do you think we can encourage this in our society? I agree that the government should fund institutions further and create more programs to help people get their fundamental human needs such as food and housing. In order to do this, I think that aspects of the government’s budget should be redirected. How do you believe this goal should be achieved? I also fully support and feel strongly about Planned Parenthood and the medical care they offer. They provide essential services to a significant amount of people who would not have a way to get the care they need without this institution. Thank you for your insightful post.


  2. Naomi 3 years ago

    Hi Nechuta,

    You bring up interesting points about improving the state of American society, and America’s reputation among other countries. I notice that you group together all Americans, and the reputation others hold against us, as being congruous, but I think this could be challenged. The fight between many opposing sides can be seen in the daily news, on social media, and just about anywhere… people disagree about everything. Also, while certain organizations are extremely beneficial to some people, they (institutions) seem irrelevant or harmful to others, for political, religious and moral reasons. I agree with you- we, as Americans, should be helping each other out. But those who are not being helped, or oppose the help, may not agree. How do you think the government should intervene in such a way to please the most people? Is it possible to please all Americans? Everyone else?


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