The American creed is about putting aside our differences to help each other and work together as a community . The problem is that lately people are only worried about themselves. In “The American Dream is not Dead Yet” it mentions that Americans are divided and self centered. one reason why people are so divided is because, people debate and argue about how we can make our country better. Instead of arguing everyone should just go out of their way and help someone who needs it. In the article “Congress Needs to Stand up for Dreamers” Kumar talks about how the American dream is about belonging to a community and welcoming each other. Some people want to prevent immigrants from coming into the US, but they should try to be more welcoming. If you help other people then you’ll be able to create a stronger community and maybe one day you’ll even need their help. In “To this Day” Koyczan talks about how people are separated and put down on a lower level than their peers, and how it makes those people feel. Those people that aren’t welcomed don’t feel like they are part of a community. If people don’t feel like they are part of a community then they aren’t a part of the American dream. If you exclude other people instead of welcoming them then your community won’t be as strong and that person you excluded won’t be able to live the American dream. In order to have a strong and welcoming community everyone has to help each other and be welcoming of others.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 The American Dream by Kyle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Srihita 1 year ago

    Kyle, I agree with your statement that people should be more welcoming towards others and help create a stronger community. However, like AJ said, people do have different ideas of the term “The American Dream” and although they might not be respected the way they should be, it is still possible for them to achieve that dream. I also really like your point about how we should help others because you never know when or if you might end up needing their help.

  2. William Jones 1 year ago

    Kyle, I think your opinion that the “American creed is about putting aside our differences to help each other and work together as a community” is interesting. I had never thought about that aspect of the American Creed before. Do you think the advent of technology and how everyone is connected with the rest of the world might be a cause of the lacking of community? For example, people might be more interested in their phones then helping their neighbor. Overall I enjoyed reading your piece and you opinions.

  3. AJBOHS 1 year ago

    I do agree with your statement that people have become more self centered and are not welcoming newcomers. However I do believe that the newcomers can still reach their american dream. They can do this because their american dream is different from mine and yours.Their dream could be to simply get an education or start a family. So even if they don’t feel welcome they could still achieve those goals. Peoples dreams are all somewhat different but all of them should be respected and welcome.

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