Artist Statement

Mario Garibay-Hernandez


My shadow box shows both chosen and assigned identity for myself. Firstly, the cars in the middle show all the side shows happening around Oakland. I believe that’s a chosen identity because it just happens, we don’t choose to see that happen but the people doing it do choose to do it. That is why I have the streetlights there for because it mostly happens during the night. Also sideshows is entertainment for us to watch and for the people doing it. Therefore, the picture of me represents being light skinned. Also the flags represent my nationalities, although only my mom was born in Mexico and I was born in the USA. Moreover, the pictures on the side represent my chosen identity because the lil pump pictures show my love of music and the other guy shows my love of graffiti.  

  1. Gregorio 2 years ago

    Dear Mario,
    I am interested about the cars that are in your shadow box because I have a lot of cars doing sideshows by my house. Also, I like that you added the cars instead of just putting a picture. One sentence that stands out to me is that you’re light skinned, born in the us, and parents born in mexico because it’s the same for me.

  2. Oswaldo 2 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I think your box is really interesting because I can really relate to the things you talked about like living in oakland and having side shows around. I think this really represents yourself and what you identify as. there’s one thing you could have done better and that was your identity for mexico because people are going to ask why is this important to this person.

  3. Pedro 2 years ago


    it was good

  4. Angel 3 years ago

    Dear Mario,
    Your box is really interesting to me because I can relate to most of the objects in your box. I also think that this box also clearly represents you because they’re all things you like and are interested in. One thing I like about your box is that you have a picture of yourself in it because I only seen a couple of people with pictures in theirs. Thank you for your work.

  5. Shane 3 years ago

    Mario, this box, from what you have told us, represents you well. I believe it shows your creative side while still showing your background and your interests. I think this is very well done, creative, and thought out. Keep working hard.

  6. Alex 3 years ago


    I found your box to be very interesting. I thought your creation of the car and the sideshows was very creative. Overall, I thought your box is very creative and well done.

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