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Kayla A-Q

This shadow box represents my chosen and assigned identities. Well to begin, I have chosen to paint a galaxy to represent my chosen identity. I decided to paint about a galaxy because my mind has an endless thought process which represents who I believe I am. And the gate represents My dominant narrative, It keeps who I really am away from the world. It’s who I truly believe I am but I can’t show that because I feel like society’s perspective on who they believe I am isn’t who I truly am at heart. Also, I feel like our galaxy has endless possibilities and there are new discoveries each day. My mind is like a galaxy, endless thoughts but new found possibilities haunting me till this unpredictable day. People fear what they don’t understand and I want to break down those barrier. I want to make it seen that my efforts have an affect on how people dominate narratives are portrayed.That is Why I have painted our wonderful galaxy on my shadow box.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Shadow Box Counter Narrative by Kayla is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Author
    Kayla 8 months ago

    Thank you very much. I feel like a sort of relief and chaos when showing my dominate and narrative to everyone because I am showing this to people that I don’t know but I also think that its really cool that I am and showing my perspective on who I am. Thank you for leaving your comment and I look foward to your response, and any other further questions.

  2. Parade 8 months ago

    Hi Kayla,

    I like your shadowbox, it’s look awesome. How did you feel when you show your dominant and counter narrative to us? I appreciate that you said you want to make it seen that your efforts have an affect on how people dominate narrative are portrayed.

  3. Walter 9 months ago

    Hello Kayla,
    this picture look awesome, I think it’s unique.
    Probably next time show your identity. The place where you come from?Your traditions, your people and how you feel being here?
    Show your school, how you feel in that school. show your gender and how that has a negative or a positive effect in your life
    Have you experienced racism or have you seen people around you that have say something inappropriate because of your gender?
    Overall, I think you did a good job and try to ad more symbols next time..

    • Author
      Kayla 6 months ago

      Hello walter,
      Thank you for your comment. For my next project I will be sure to add more. The reason why I didn’t add symbols to this project was that I wanted to make a statement. I choose to leave the box blank because I wanted to show how a young human has so much more to add to their own galaxy. As well as I feel like my story hasn’t finished, so it cant be fully told. Their will be many more up’s and downs. But I do agree that I should have added more symbols. Thank you for taking your time to comment, i highly appreciate the comment.

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