Posted by Kaly on October 4, 2017

shadow box counter narrative

Artist’s Statement

Kaly Guerrero

This shadow box represents me, my identities and the way the world sees me. As most already know stereotypes are very common around the world, specially around the U.S. I am Mexican and as a young Mexican female, a lot of the stereotypes may come along with my race and ethnicity. Being Latina is something most people won’t see as a good as good identity. But my predecessors have taught me otherwise. The Mexican flag represents where I come from and and because I am proud of my roots and I am not afraid to show it. In this box you will see that I have a candle of Virgin Mary statue. They represent me and my family’s belief which is a big part of my identity. The heart that I decided to put on the chain, the flag, and the symbol of the two girls holding hands express what my sexual orientation. The way that this box was set up is representing the place that I live in, my home. Night time just represents how everything becomes so calm and soothing.Everything in this box have a deep meaning to me, I hope that you will be able to understand and connect to me.