Shadow box

Julian Alvarez


My box show my race, Latino, and my ethnicity, Mexican. It also may show my counter narrative. You can see the Oakland tree. I put it there because I was raised in Oakland and that is why I put the Oakland tree. You can see that I have a Mexican flag because my ethnicity is Mexican. You can also see that I put a Jordan sticker because I like the Jordan brand. The background is purple because I like the color purple the purple color is my favorite color because it is for males and females.You can see that I put a Jordan 13 because that is my favorite model  out  of all the others.You can also see that I put a Bape because that is my favorite brand. You can also see that I put Supreme because I like Supreme. Lastly you can also see that I put a Welcome to Oakland picture because I will always live in Oakland.

so this was before i finish but when i finish i put a jordan 13 i also  put a oakland tree i put a welcome to oakland i put a mexican flag and U.S.A flag  i put a supreme and bape sticker.


CC BY-SA 4.0 shadow box by julian by Julian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. David 4 months ago

    Dear Julian Alvarez,

    I am very very happy by your work of art “shadow box” because I got to learn new things about you. Even though the box was not finished, it was cool to learn what you like. One part of your artwork that stood out was that you put that purple was for both females and males because that proves you have respect for everyone. Thank you for posting this because I got to know you better and I hope you keep creating more art.

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