American society has many deep-rooted characteristics that consist of attitudes,

values, and beliefs. Political culture improves communication throughout communities

and people share a knowledge of political events that affect our country of how and

why they happened. Political culture is essentially a country’s political personality

and sets boundaries of behavior that is considered acceptable in society. Events such

as the attacks of 9/11, the Vietnam war, the civil war, WWI, WWII, and the Great

Depression has influenced Americans views of the world. Values represent a country’s

beliefs about what is fair and good. The American creed is believed to be “by the

people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the

governed.” as said by Abraham Lincoln.

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  1. Nechuta The Great 1 year ago

    I agree that wars have influenced American’s views of the world. When another nation attacks ours, we do seem to treat them differently and invade their territories like we did in Iraq after the 9/11 attacks.

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