Author: Nevin

Nevin’s Shadow Box.

My shadow box shows a Mexican flag which represents that I am Mexican American. My Dominant Narrative about my Mexican flag is that Mexicans arrived into the US illegally and that we are criminals. My counter narrative to this is that, us Mexicans are hard working honest people, and we aren’t criminals. My next object is a car because this shows that me and my older brother would drive around Oakland and just have fun driving around town enjoying ourselves. This dominant narrative shows that no one sees me for who I am and only sees me as my older brothers little brother. People used to ask me if I really was his little brother. The counter narrative towards this is that my older brother sees me not as his little brother but his friend. This next object is a Oakland post card. This dominant narrative shows that I come from Oakland which automatically makes me a criminal because of where I come from. My counter narrative against this is that people from Oakland work hard to improve the way they live, and the city they live in.