Thomas Loera Martinez

                                   Shadow Box


My Shadow Box represents me in this way because I’m a positive person and I like to help other people and I don’t like giving up and I  try hard to do what’s best.  Some people might think I’m dumb and not intelligent and some people judge me and they assume stuff about me that’s not true. These are all dominant narratives. However, they should ask and not assume stuff that’s not true about people. In my opinion, the way I think about myself is that I am a positive person  who is not giving up and trying hard and trying my best.  Also, I am a smart person and I like to  think positive  because people can’t put me down. Those are my counter narratives.

The reason why I want to join the military is because I think it has more opportunities for me and it can pay for my education. I also want to join the military because I had family in the military and they have been successful In life. I believe if I join I’ll be in the military I believe that I will be successful In the military and the future.

  1. Dustin 2 years ago

    Dear Thomas
    I like how you said that you never give up and how people cant put you down. That shows that you don’t care what other people think about you. I also like how you explained what inspired you to go to the military and why you want to go.
    Sincerely, Dustin

  2. Khalid 2 years ago

    sorry my name is khalid

  3. Khalid 2 years ago

    You had a good box l like the hat and dacration and your flag on the box

  4. Jolay 2 years ago

    Dear Thomas,
    Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Jolay and I am a student at Fremont High School. Something I liked about your work is that you actually went big and brung in a shoe which I have never seen done. Something I have a question about is How long would you want to be in the military? Please feel free to comment on my future work. The address of my student blog is Thank You.

  5. Jamori 3 years ago

    Hi my name is Jamori and I’m from fremont High School and we are doing the same project as you .One
    question I have for you is what made you do this military theme.Another question is who is who writing
    about.And I like how you have a military boot and hat in your box.

  6. Adham 3 years ago

    Hi my name is Adham Aldahmi and I’m from Fremont High School and we are doing the same project as you. One question I have about Your shadowbox is why is there a different flag in the middle of the American Flag? Does this mean you are not from the US? A question I have about your writing is which family member in your family that has joined the army. The thing that I love most about your entire project is that you put a military hat to show that you want to be in the military.

  7. Amran 3 years ago

    What position do you want to be in the military? When do you plan on joining? Do you ever plan becoming a general or captain? I liked when you said,”they should ask and not assume stuff that’s not true about people.” because its very true and more people need to know that.

  8. Koji 3 years ago


    I am inspired by your call to join the military. Joining the military is a big feat, putting your life on the line is not an easy task. The fact that you want to protect our country by risking your life is very inspiring, being a part of the military is one of the most respected careers I can think of.

    I really appreciate how you carry yourself and your positive outlook on life. Sometimes we get caught up on all of the negative things that we experience and forget about all the things we should be grateful for. I think if everyone had your views on positivity, the world would be a much happier place.

    I have a couple questions for you, how did you decide to join the military? Who/what inspired you to make that decision?

    I have found an article describing some positive reasons why it is important to join the military. I think you should take a look at it, I think you will find it interesting!

    Thank you for your bravery and dedication to our country! good luck in the future!

  9. Zachary 3 years ago

    This is a really cool narrative and outlook on your life. I really enjoy the positive nature that you carry around with yourself and hold yourself to be such a good person. We need more people like you today. The idea of joining the military is very smart and very brave of you. You are one of the very few people that are willing to step up and protect our country. Good luck with everything and I hope that you will be successful in the future.

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