Artist statement

 Briceida Vega

For my shadow box I had put the Oakland tree, 8 images of me and my family, a thought bubble, a garden with a trail, and beads of the color of the Mexico flag (minus the white, because there weren’t any more white beads). When people look at me they think I’m Muslim and that shows my dominant narrative, because I have features that look like it. But really my counter narrative is that I’m Mexican-American. I chose to put the Oakland tree because it represents me growing up in Oakland and many things I learned about the city. The 8 images represents me when I was little because it shows these  memories with my family that are caring. I put the thought bubble because I would always have a lot in my mind and I’m always thinking. The garden represents beauty and peacefulness. Finally the beads of the Mexico flag color represents me because I’m Mexican which is my ethnicity.



  1. Maria 3 years ago

    Dear Jennifer,
    I just want to tell you that your shawbox looks really good, and i just have a question why the people thinks that you are from muslim? .You did well putting the flag that represents where you are really from and so that other people can see and not get concussed with your Ethnicity .I also did a shadowbox similar to yours but i did mines at fremont high school.

    -Maria pablo

  2. Evelyn 3 years ago

    Dear Briceida,
    I liked the way you set up your shadowbox and the details you added like the Oakland Tree.I liked how you were unique and you put your pictures in a different way than the other kids that did a shadowbox.You did a really great job.I have some questions for you, Why did you decide to set up your shadowbox this way? , How long did this project take you finish?. I really liked the things you wrote because it really tells people who you are.I also did a shadowbox similar to yours but I did mines at Fremont High School.

    -Evelyn Diaz

  3. Jennifer 3 years ago

    Dear Briceida,
    I really like your shadow box! I can also relate to you when you said that others think you are Muslim but you are actually Mexican- American. Just like me where people think that I am Mexican but I’m actually Salvadoran. It’s really good that you know the difference between dominant narrative and counter narrative. Also it’s good that you know your dominant narratives because that’s how others see you and counter narrative is your point of view of yourself. I really like your box it’s very unique.

    • Author
      Briceida 3 years ago

      Dear jennifer,
      I appreciate you liking my my post about my shadow box

    • Author
      Briceida 3 years ago

      Dear Jennifer,
      I appreciate how you like my post about my shadow box it enlightens me that u think my box is unique for u. And I did a hard job for this box to show that i know the difference about dominant narrative and counter narrative. Thank you again Jennifer.

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