Posted by Guadalupe on October 4, 2017

My Counter Narrative

Artist Statement

Guadalupe Quintero Pena

This is my Shadow Box. This represents who I truly am. I believe that I am a strong person that does not give up really easily.The objects in my Shadow Box represent my counter narrative. When people look at me they assume that I am white. When men see me, they see me as small, weak, and scared because I am a woman. The dominant narratives about women is that they are emotional, their hair is always done, they wear fake nail, short clothes, pretty face, and nice body. But I don’t fit here. I am not emotional, I don’t do my hair a lot, I have never put on fake nails, I wear long clothes, I don’t take care of my face or my body. When I see myself, I see myself as strong, fearless, and ready to be someone in this life. This is my counter narrative. This is what I have chosen to be. My chosen identity. The objects that mostly represent me are La Virgen de Guadalupe, the Life Academy sign, and the Mexican flag. La Virgen de Guadalupe represents me because she is a really strong woman and I feel like I am very strong like her. The Life Academy sign represents me because it represents where I go to school. The Mexican flag represents me because it represents that I am a proud Mexican. This is my race and my ethnicity. The birds represent how I like to feel free and to fly by myself.  This Shadow Box truly represents who I am and how proud I am being Mexican, going to Life Academy, and being a female just like La Virgen de Guadalupe.

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