Posted by Jennifer on October 4, 2017

Jennifer’s shadow box

I have chosen to include an El Salvador flag because I’m proud of being Salvadoran as my Ethnicity even though my Nationality is American. I decided to put both flags on the bottom because they have both affected me because my race is Hispanic and there are a lot of stereotypes for us. Also, the American flag has affected me because I am a person of color and people may think that I wasn’t born here. I’m still proud of being both. The Oakland museum ticket represents a counter narrative that Latinos work extremely hard for example my sister works at the Oakland museum and she works hard so she can support herself and me. The baby pictures that on the bottom are pictures of the past. The past have really affected me in the inside and the outside by the actions I would make. I would get in trouble, get sent to the office on a daily basis, and just have a really negative mindset. I put a collage of all of my friends and I. They were the people who helped me from making those mistakes. The two people who helped me the most were Grady and Melody, my two best friends. Also, my sister, Hilda, because she knows what I’ve gone through and she felt the same way so she has helped me a lot. I put in fairy lights to show that even if things may be dark there’s always a light. The polaroids that are hanging from the string are memorable events that I will always remember and will be a part of me.