American values, creeds, beliefs, and culture are very important to us because they make us who we are. I believe our values are important because their our personal belongings or views that we value or cherish. Our beliefs are important because we have the right to believe in what/who we want without someone telling us that we can’t. American creeds are important because it determines our actions and behavior towards a situation. Culture is probably the most important thing of being an american because it makes us who we are. Our culture kind of determines the way we live, for examples certain foods we eat or certain clothing we wear.

Documents written on American values, creeds, beliefs and culture tells us how important they really are. For example, the Bill of Rights. This document explains the people’s rights such as freedom, liberty, privacy, justice, and equality. A second document would be the Preamble itself. The Preamble explains how we should strive for a better future and have peace among the people. A third example is the Declaration of Independence because it states the government’s powers and focuses on people’s rights.



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