Posted by Erika on October 4, 2017

Erika’s Identity Shadow Box

Artist Statement

Erika Romero

This shadow box represents the things that I identify myself as and what was my assigned identity when I was born. My biological sex is female. When people look at me, they see a short and weak girl who can’t play sports and can’t do much because she is not strong enough, but this is a dominant narrative. But, I see myself as a strong female who can do things and play sports and do things what other girls do, and that is my counter narrative. Many people assume that my ethnicity is that I’m Mexican and can’t speak English and that I won’t make it through high school because that’s what most Latinos do. But actually I’m different from what people see me as, I’m a Latina who is Salvadoran who can show and be an example for others. I show that most Latinos do make it through high school and become someone in the future. I have chosen to include my quinceanera pictures because that shows my Gender expression as a female.