The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world, getting its name; the melting pot. America attracts foreigners because of the independence and freedom we have to offer citizens that allows for them to follow their american dream. I believe that diversity helps us to be more successful and united as a country because it brings different culture, knowledge, and ideas to the United States.

The agricultural layout of america creates a lot of different jobs around the country making many opportunities for careers for those new incoming citizens. The rural areas start to fill up with new immigrants looking for new jobs that can bring them into the U.S. Families coming together that were once separated by the seas, “interracial marriages are at an all-time high” (Frey para. 4). New religion and languages and brought over with the immigrants, I believe the more diverse group of people tend to be more successful when working together because a wide range of knowledge is brought to the group.

Some places in America are more diverse than other but, “the racial and ethnic diversity of communities varies greatly across the country, but rapid change is coming to many of the least-diverse areas” (Keating para. 1). America is the largest melting pot in the world and Americans are proud to say it. We are where dreams are thought to be made come true with hard work and determination because we have the freedom and independence that allows us to do so and this is found to be appealing to many people.

While our differences make us unique, they also bring us together through similarities that we all share. Americans move past there differences and feel a deep need to help others, “gathering around the bereaved is an ancient global pattern that spans cultures” (Bornstein para. 2). We are always united but it becomes even more visible when tragedy strikes and everyone gathers around in a support group. Citizens from around the world come together to support each other when in times of loss and sorrow, the United States brings the whole world together gathering there supporting countries when in troubling situations.

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  1. Alexander 5 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading your paper but I really liked your first sentence, “The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world, getting its name; the melting pot.” because in today’s society we still have so much that has to be fixed and worked on, but now instead of being somewhere that you would want to be to me it feels like a place of fear, cruelty, and a lot of diversity but it just feel like we all are now divided by so much hate.

  2. Lila 6 months ago

    Lillie- I really loved your paper! Even though we have many freedoms and are a melting pot, we still have many issues that need fixing. I really liked the part of your paper when you talked about how our differences make us unique, but also bring us together and how we, as Americans, really rely on one another. You did a great job with the flow of this paper and I really agree with your strong claim.

  3. Emily 6 months ago

    I thnk your writing is excellent and I agreed with/liked some of the ideas you posed here. However, while I do believe that times of trouble/chaos/trauma/etc bring people together, there is still a divide. America is a great country for oppprotunity and diversity , but we still hold a particular separation between certain groups, opinions, etc. Because of this I disagree with your statement, “We are always United..”. Unfortunately, this is not the case and our country seems to be more divided than ever with changing opinions, current political situations, and horrible events like the Las Vegas Shooting. While I do wish I could have a more optimistic spirit about the unity of our country, I think that necessary change will have to take place in order for that to happen.

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