Daniel Gonzalez


The objectives in my shadow box represent my counter negatives. When people see me they assume  I am a very bad kid that doesn’t go to school because I am a kid from Oakland. I can prove that I go to school because I have awards and pins for being at school every single day for the whole year. My pin says, “Perfect Attendance.”  I would hate to revert back when I used to come late to school. Also people may hate school but I actually enjoy school, and stereotypes say people from Oakland are drop outs and don’t care about school. They are wrong. I have added a condom to my shadow box because stereotypes assume people from Oakland dont have safe sex and we just make produce babies over and over again but I don’t .  Also the schools in Oakland teach us about Sex ED and how to have safe sex, and to use condoms to not get a disease. Another great thing about Oakland school is that they will provide condoms at the health center or the clinica. Oakland schools are horrible as people assume they are. The next thing I have put in my shadow box was Mexican money (pesos) because I travel to mexico every year. Stereotype assume people from oakland are only stuck in the  ghetto and don’t get out of Oakland and travel to new places. People in Oakland do travel outside of Oakland be they want to see outside of Oakland. I added a teck deck to my shadow box because it represent my childhood. When growing up that was one of the toys that catch my attention growing up I would always play with it and do lenard tricks. Me and my brother would always play with them and do tricks. Another item I put was a bracelet that has jesus on it. It is part of my religion and how our religion is part of our live and how serious a mexican family take religion. I grew up knowing my whole family was catholic, so am I. I put PLANET HYPE on the back of my shoe box because I am a hype beast (Embellish cloth), ( shoe game) low key got designer cloth but sheo game I do. Also I wanna start my own clothing brand, calling it HYPE or something simple with a clear name. I add a picture of myself in the middle of my shadow box because I am the person who has been in both worlds, I have been the dominant narrative and the counter negative. And I am a male Latino boy with big dreams and a hype beast which I know if I could grind (work for what you want) to get a designer belt I could grind to accomplish anything such as my goals. One of my goals is to embark all over the world and make it big in YouTube or make my own clothing brand. I rejuvenate when I saw my school ID and how I look It brought back memories. Writing this description for my shadow box made me emphatic my writing more.  


CC BY-SA 4.0 Daniel Gonzalez: Planet Hype Shadow Box! by Daniel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Janely 2 months ago

    Hi my name is Janely, So …..Why you didn’t put like some images of some Dominant Narratives about Mexican people into your box? Have you ever made a false narrative about someone else?
    I like you explain each item/pictures on your project, Good Job.

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