What is American culture? I think that isn’t an easy question and there are more than one correct answer to this topic. I don’t think that American culture is just mixing every culture together, there are still some things that are started/ are just American and don’t come from another culture. Like food, when people think about american food they think hamburgers and french fries or hot dogs. Then there is the problem with racist people, I believe it is getting worse. Policeman/Policewoman shooting black people. Racism is something that has been happening in America for a long time and they can’t really fix it. In some countries it is getting better, but there are still some countries who don’t really want to change things. “I wanna show that gospel, country, blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll are all just really one thing. Those are the American music and that is the American culture” (Etta James). I think music is an important part of a culture, especial the music from America is played in about every country. There are some special music types that are American. “We still have a lot of work to do in American culture. More open-mindedness is happening – in some cases rapidly, in some, slowly” (Mara Brock Akil). One stereotype about America is that everyone is open minded and they “say” welcome to America when you visit, I think that is true for most Americans. For example a lot of LGBTQ people say it isn’t easy, because there are some Americans who don’t like them and there must be more open mindedness in this topic.






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