Hey, my name is Gaby and I’m a 14 years old and a freshman at Life Academy. I’m Mexican and Puerto Rican with very curly hair but pale skin. Thank you for taking your time out your day to look at my Shadow Box. My Shadow box  shows my identity. The crown shows being a strong young women, and being one of a kind. The pictures are my family and are from that time when my parents didn’t split up which afterwards affected my identity because I don’t get the love from my dad like how I want to. I think the most important part of my Shadow Box is my family because my family doesn’t give up on me and motivates me to do well in school and what future I want for myself. The picture of my whole family was when they were all together but at that time I wasn’t born yet. Sometimes, I wonder why did my parents split up? Was it because of me? Living with a single mother is hard but great at the same time because she does need help but she’s also very strong. The little towel in my box is called La Rosa de Guadalupe and when I was younger I would pray to her everyday because my dad got deported when I was 5 and I begged her to bring him back but things happen for a reason. Thank you for looking at my Shadow Box!  

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