The U.S. is a lot of different things. A place of people that see nothing wrong with the country and of people that see only problems, a place of love and of hate, a place of democrats and republicans. But most of all, it’s a divided country.

American values differ from person to person, but there are beliefs that seem to be held by most everyone, like how beautiful America is. Some people find the landscape to be awe inspiring sometimes. It’s shown in songs like “America, the Beautiful” which can really make you believe how lovely the country is. Lines about the seemingly endless countryside with “for amber waves of grain” and lines about the vast sky with “o beautiful for spacious skies” you can really see the love for the nation (Bates). Though there is still somehow a divide, some people can’t see past the pollution and problems in the country to see the beauty. A lot of people forget how much we care for some of our land when visiting polluted cities. They can only think about how we’ve ruined the country’s environment and not how we’ve taken care of it.

There is also a divide in how much pride you have in the ability of the country to function. In the polls referenced by “What does it mean to be American? The answers depend on your politics” you can see that a large section of the country regards the U.S. as the greatest country in the world with 52% of republicans and 22% of democrats thinking that. The love in how the country runs is also shown when people exercise their rights as stated in the Bill of Rights by saying whatever they want and peacefully protesting about things they disagree with. The nation is still divided about this with some people believing such well loved rights should be changed. With people saying we should limit free speech and take away the second amendment completely, the lack of unity is really evident.

In the country, the main divide is between democrats and republicans. The view of what American culture is even based off of divides the way everyone thinks. Democrats tend to see it as being based off of the other cultures that make up the country while republicans see it as it being based off Christian beliefs and early American immigrants, as the Huffington Post article says. There are also a lot of issues keeping the U.S. from becoming united.

But in a way, the division of this country is what makes the country how it is. The divided opinions are what makes up the country. How these beliefs of the citizens that live here divide us but still pull us all together.

So, I see the country as many different things. I see our culture as a melting pot but I also see it as a nation that wouldn’t have been formed without those first few settlers. I see it as a gorgeous country that deserves to be seen. I see it as a country that needs to be put back together. I see it as a country with a lot of wasted potential. I see it as a divided nation that needs to be whole. But most of all, I see it as a home for millions of people and that’s shown by how everyone loves it, at least somewhat.



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