I feel like one day racism will end. Many people believe that it won’t, but I have reasons to believe it will. For years and years, kids growing up would just follow along with what their parents believed and how they raised them. If their parents were racist, they grew up in a racist environment and ended up having the same belief as their parents. But now, I believe that since kids grow up in technology and social media, they are more aware of events going on. They have the ability to go into their own research about things like race, and I believe that eventually kids growing up in this world will be able to form their own opinions and beliefs on these topics.


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  1. Zach 1 year ago

    I totally agree with you here, Jesse. I think that it is going to take some time, but even after only 10 or 20 years of rapidly changing technology the amount of racism that has disappeared has been exponential (https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/attitudes-toward-racism-and-inequality-are-shifting/). This has been a process that has been occurring for many years starting with even before the Emancipation Proclamation, but I think that the introduction of mass media into our world, despite sometimes being destructive, will be what we look back on and say “that was the turning point for when racism disappeared.” I have a lot of hope for a racism-free society in the future.

  2. lillian 2 years ago

    Jesse, I agree completely with what you’re writing. I feel I can relate a lot because I was raised I a conservative household with parents that raised me to be republican. But when I got older I started to be introduced to injustices in the world and I started to educate myself no the other side of the narrative. And now I’m the outlier in my family, not racist and everything and I feel like I have grown as a person from educating myself.

  3. Zachary 2 years ago

    I like what you have written and the topic that you have chosen. I do believe that racism will slowly become less prevalent within our society but I do not think that it will ever disappear from our society, even though I wish I could say that it would. I allows think that there is going to be certain people that are influenced by their environment and their guardians to live and act in a certain way. We are moving in a direction right now in which I believe racism is increasing in certain parts of the United States, but I also believe that many people are coming together to stop racism and come together as a community to do so.

    I really like the way you right and the positive views that you have on this topic. I really want to read some of your other works and will be looking for them in the near future.

    Best of luck,
    Zachary Jerome

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