American culture and values are represented by one characteristic. The American dream, If you want something bad enough. You can have it. It often gets left out that in order to get what you want, you actually have to work for it. Americans nowadays have a sense of entitlement, something our founding fathers would be very upset with if the were here to see it instilled in us. In the article “Superman and Me”, Alexie states that, “The words inside the fence (paragraph) all had a common goal and worked together to achieve that goal”(Alexie para 1). This quote shows how dreams are made by people working together to make something great happen. Very rarely does someone fulfil a life goal without the help of at least one person along the way to that goal. America is a place of high achievers and people willing to work together to help achieve one another’s goals. Every American is given an opportunity when they come to this great country and only that person can control their destiny in America, but those who have the American dream will almost certainly go further than others. MLK started his “I Have a Dream”(King Jr para 1) speech with those exact words. I have a dream. In America dreams are the structure of what we believe in and everyone has one. Every American can have their dream be fulfilled- under one condition, you have to work for it. In his poem “Let America be America Again”, Langston Hughes wrote, “Let America be the land that dreamers dream in again”(Hughes para 8). In this quote by Hughes he shows that America is a place that dreams are accomplished by hard work and grinding away at your goal each and every day of your life.To be American means to work hard and get better everyday at even the simplest of tasks. Americans nowadays are stereotyped to be lazy and not willing to put in the time to get what they want in life, but those who do have the american dream will reach their goals and live a happy successful live here in this country.






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Photo by Ryan Vaarsi

Photo by Ryan Vaarsi



  1. Daniel 3 years ago

    Michael, I agree that the American Dream is the foundation of all our culture and values. Defining characteristics of America like freedom and opportunity are both parts of the original American Dream shared by the founders of our nation. I like how you describe that the American Dream isn’t just something that everyone can fulfill easily. If you didn’t have to work for it, the American Dream wouldn’t be something that people strive towards. is an interesting article that relates to the American Dream. Whether the American Dream is better or worse than before is a highly debated topic and “The American Dream Abides” offers a unique point of view that takes a side on this issue.

  2. Bella 3 years ago

    I completely agree that the American dream is full of opportunities, however one still must work hard to get them. America is not just a place where everything is handed to you. It can take dedication and hours of work just to get to where you want to be. Here is an article that relates to your topic. It talks about how the American Dream has changed from what the Founding Father’s believed it was, which is something you mention within your post. Great job citing your information and providing multiple important points.

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