America is the land of the free, to some extent. With in the preamble Americans are promised liberty, but they are also promised justice. The problem is you can’t have both. What is the correct balance between the two. I don’t think there is one, when people have freedom they want more justice but when they get that justis they want their freedom back. This phenomenon is evident in the poem “To This Day”. In the poem people are bullied, this is not just. However, the forming of social groups and excluding people you don’t want, that is freedom. When people are forced to “be nice” to people that they don’t like, whether there is a good reason or not, they lose their freedom to choose. Within “The Transformation of the ‘American Dream’” two versions of this dream are displayed. One of the dreams revolve around material success. the funny thing about material success is, it can’t be shared. The freedom to pursue this dream becomes unjust when taken too far, you have to start taking from others more than you give them. The other dream described in “The Transformation of the ‘American Dream’” is based on the idea of “emotional wealth”. If this is pursued too far the freedom of others can be lost. In your attempt to help someone you can end up manipulating them, changing their ideas and thoughts, telling them what is right and wrong. This is a just endeavor, but not one that promotes complete freedom. There is not a perfect balance, and it changes with time. So America is not the land of justice, and it’s not the land of freedom. America is the land of the ambitious. We want the best of both and keep trying to reach that goal, and we can’t stop, we have to keep reaching for it because that is what makes America what it is.




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  1. Jacob 3 years ago

    Scott, I am intrigued with this argument, I also think we forget to include the balance between Liberty and Justice. I also believe that forcing people to play nice can take away the freedom to choose, and I also believe that the balance is important, but often ignored in our society. I would also add that playing the line between the two subjectively from person to person is a dangerous game to play, especially when people draw that line hard.

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