I think racism is built into us, sadly it is a part of us now. For generations, racism has existed and we can’t find a way to get away from it. It is involved in almost everything we do such as sports and school. It is heartbreaking to know that parents teach their kids that being racist is the right thing to do. Also, that we should categorize ourselves depending on our skin color. I truly believe you do not know a person until you know their personality. The word “person” is literally in “personality”. You should not base how someone is depending on their look. There are stereotypes out there against every race and there should not be. I hate when people say that all white people are racist because we are not. I also hate when people automatically think you’re going to get shot when you see a black person. There are stereotypes about white cops shooting black guys. Every day I hear or see racism. More people need to learn to look past the skin. Everyone should be taught not to categorize yourself or other based on race. People need to stop bringing up old times such as slavery as an excuse. Racism should not be a thing people need to stop judging and be nice to everyone no matter who they are. Maybe that will stop the world problems, we will not find out until we stop as a whole.


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