Dear Leaders of America,

My name is Elizabeth Saylor, but you may refer to me as Libby. I am twenty years old and a student at Michigan State University. I have been doing some in-depth, and detailed research into the recent Charlottesville rally and boy, do we have a problem don’t we. I have learned that our country still has a long way to go, as this rally demonstrated America repeating history again in comparison to the Nazis during World War II. We must come together to fix this epidemic that is occurring in our country currently.

As a teenager in America, my life was quite easy. As I am a white woman and never had to experience bullying or judgments based off of my skin color. Though I have faced many instances of sexism, I was able to overcome these obstacles and now become a part of the fight for feminism and equality. Though my teenage years were pretty manageable, I had a twin brother who did not experience this luxury. My brother had been bullied his whole life and hid from friends and family who he truly was. He was at such a crossroads, his junior year of high school attempted to take his life by overdosing on his prescription pills. I almost lost my best friend that morning, and I will never forget that morning. Through heavy counseling and medication, he is now stable and has had the bravery to recently come out as a gay man. The leaders of this country have made this even harder for someone who is eagerly wanting to be their true selves as our president, and especially our vice president is against the LGBTQ community, considering it a ‘sin’ and ‘immoral’. This has made it harder not only on my brother who I adore and love but on every other person that is a part of this community to be proud of who they are as bullying, name-calling, and religious members have placed such an ugly statement towards this beautiful community. This must be changed.

I would like elected leaders to fix the white supremacy that you have specifically placed in America and lit the match for the fire to begin. Ever since Donald Trump has been president, there has been brutal hate crimes occurring due to what he and his party have said, supported, and throughout their actions as well. The president must stick up and take accountability for what he has done, and stop white supremacy from degrading all minorities, and justify them like he did in Charlottesville. Charlottesville was due to our president letting these neo-Nazis that they have a place here in our country, and that hate and violence are acceptable, as this is how he ran his campaign in the primaries. Hate does not have any spot in this country, and it is the elected officials and leader job to enforce this. If the leaders of America does not prioritize this issue, there will be more hate crimes and more deaths that could have been prevented.

There are solutions for this mess that has been occurring in our country: love. We must hear from our elected leaders that white supremacy is wrong, and we cannot repeat history again. Not only do they need to express this, but it needs to be sincere, not read off of a transcript. I would also offer more classes and education on history and the severity of white supremacy along with white privilege and discrimination. Another option would be to encourage diversity into this nation, not “build a wall”. Actions speak louder than words, elected leaders. Talk can only get you so far, as I believe you are all beginning to realize this. It is time to stop talking about the NFL and to start focusing on building healthier and a more diverse America by your actions.

I hope to see the future America filled with love and acceptance. I hope to see people agree to disagree on policy, politics, and beliefs, but at the end of the day still, respect and admire differences. I hope to someday have a president in which I can respect and admire through his openness and diverse background to see things not through dollar signs and whether they ‘won or not’. I hope to see America become proud of who they truly are: a country filled with diverse, beautiful immigrants who all have the equal opportunity at being successful.

I truly appreciate whoever took the time to read this letter, as this is one of the most beautiful things about America. Being able to express different ideas and to compromise is all that one can ask for. I hope my elected officials will be open to new ideas and to respect the voices of the people. I believe America can go towards great strides, but we must start with love and acceptance of everyone.


Libby Saylor




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