Eat plenty of meat; drink lots of beer; listen to spanish music; don’t speak english a home; marry young; go to church; pray every day; and every moment you can say a rosary; feed your man; take care of the kids; don’t go out at night; tienes la cara de nopal– y te crees muy americana; tend your garden; this is how you make tamales; this is how you iron a shirt; dress nicely for the lord; go out to dances; don’t date guys who aren’t mexican; don’t talk back to your parents; this is how you braid; don’t wear your hair down– it’ll get dirty; dress modestly; don’t wear anything too revealing; respect your elders; don’t talk to adults unless they address you; gansitos instead of twinkies; this is how you make tamales; don’t rub the dough o.n dry leaves; soak the corn husk leaves into water overnight– that’ll make it easier to spread; this is how you walk properly; stand up straight; push your chest out; suck your belly in; wake up early; go to bed early;




  1. It made me feel as if people were saying these to me all over what to do, and what to be.
  2. She had many different phrases to add, and say. Yet, I couldn’t think of any to include. She made so many to the point that her actual paragraph became her. An actual representation of her life through text.
  3. It took a lot of thinking to bring up what I have been told growing up. Mostly because I have tried to hard to suppress



CC BY-SA 4.0 Girl: mimicking selfie by Arlin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Truman 2 years ago

    Dear, Arlin. You and I come from very very different ways of life and yet I can find parallels between the two of us even though we are so different from one another. That is what interests me about your post so much is the fact that although we are so different and have been raised in entirely different ways we still can find some common factors that we as teenagers and students will just always find connections in.

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