Everyone has a true side in which is hard to show since society today is willing to judge you in many perspectives. My classmates and I have had an assignment relating to one of the stories of Jamaica Kincaid called, “Girl”. Our task was to make the same version but in our own words or from our own life perspective. Comparing and relating to the story made us reflect the real perspective of how women and men are being portrayed.

Wake up don’t be a lazy woman, it’s Monday; get prepared for school and when you come back start by cleaning your room, sweeping the floor and help your mother out with the rest of the house,  when your out of school make sure you come straight home ; don’t want you to be wandering around the streets like a homeless person; once you go out and meet this world you may never want to come back; be a lady and come to your house on time , be sure to come home and expect to get work done , because once you enter the adulthood you will have responsibilities; so that we are not embarrassed to call you our daughter , Would you ever disobey me or your father ?; make sure you get your school work done; you must be the oustanding daughter that we aspire you to be; don’t ever disobey or disrespect us—god will punish you ; but I would never disobey you or my father; start by learning into become a humid lady; this is how to please your parents, always do what you are told ; this is how you act around the family, welcome them and always be kind enough; this is how to cook the food, so that when I’m gone you will cook for your father; this is how you treat your olders sisters, always agree to what they say–they know what they are doing; when you get a better job make sure you work hard, don’t complain only think about the money; this is how you dress in our traditional clothing, demonstrate that you’re a , this is also how to dress like an American girl ,act like a girl —you are not a boy you know; don’t even think of dressing like one; this is how you brush your hair and never cut it , it’s too beautiful ; this is how you talk respectfully and not that street slang you spit from your mouth; this is how you drive properly or else the cops will think of you suspiciously; this is how you manage your money; this is how you don’t get involved with drugs ; this is how you pray ,this is how you act at church, respect everyone and never stare; this is how you read the bible, this is how you listen to us, never talk back; this is how to keep your parents satisfied, behave as a wonderful young lady; but what if I want to be my own person?; you mean becoming rebellious, you will never be that person.


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  1. Jenessa 3 years ago

    Amelia, this is a beautifully written piece. Would you explain to me what a “humid woman” is? I have never heard that term before. I relate to this piece on a very personal level. My parents have instilled many of the same values you mentioned into my being. I think that you can be your own person while still complying to all of these things, but as you continue to grow and create your own morals and personal values, aspects of what your parents have taught you will change. While under you parents roof, it may be hard to experience things the way you want to experience them, but that is how it is until you are on your own. You should write another peace, but reverse. Explain the way you want things to be, and then write the questions parents would then ask you in response.

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