Global warming and the changes occurring in our environment are big problems. It is continually getting worse as time goes on at a faster rate than ever before and, yet we continue to squander our resources, kill our animals and pollute our world without any thought of the consequence other than personal monetary gains. This is not something we can ignore because of the many many consequences we will face as a result of this change in our earth. The efforts we are making now are not enough.

On this site, I learned more about what I already knew concerning Global warming as well as how each person can make a personal difference through everyday choices like using less water, recycling, minimizing waste, or altering diet as well as the efforts America has been making in recent years to help the problem. I also learned more about exactly how global warming works and how the CO2 and other air pollutants collect to cause global warming. I also saw how this is contributing to extreme weather, including  more droughts,  stronger rainfall, and hurricanes and why Global warming is causing this. 

I want to know more about what can be done to completely fix the problems.  I want to know different solutions and directions we can take to address the problem so we can save the animals, earth, and people who will be negatively affected by all of the changes that come with the choices we continue to make concerning the environment. Although the current efforts are not enough I am hopeful that we will be able to come up with solutions for this ongoing problem in the near future.




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