Why do I get obsessed with certain things?

I am an obsessed person and have been since birth. My first word was more. More is something that has been a part of me and is something that I try to contain at times but utilize at others. I can always count on myself to rebound after a misfortune because I know how to try to get more, but also I can continue to strive to be better out of this same need.
I want to know if something is hard wires into my brain to be obsessed or if it’s a personality trait. I want to know when I became obsessed. I want to know if I can stay obsessed for a long time over just one thing or if It’s only good a few things.
Obsession is one of the keys to success according to psychology today. The state in this article says obsession can bring us to our most capable selves.” This means that my obsession is not a bad thing but it also can be something that can lead me to be blinded to other things. It says “with time obsession unbalanced us,” and this is not a good thing. The next part of the article goes on to discuss problems with compulsive disorders where people are unable to contain themselves and it affects their day to day life.



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  1. Maggie 2 years ago

    Simon, I thought your question was very interesting. Obsessing is a big part of human nature and there are a lot of people that do it. I thought it was very interesting that your first word was more. Do you think this a correlation to your obsessive behaviors? If so, how do you think this one word has influenced you? The article that you included in your response was very interesting. I think that many people view obsession as a bad thing because of disorders like OCD. In this article I read (https://www.verywell.com/rumination-why-do-people-obsess-over-things-3144571) it talks about how obsessing over things is sometimes a method to cope with stress. I’d be interested to see if you find anything more about obsession and the plus sides to it. I hope to read more!

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