I thought up this post using the initial question of, “what is the history of magic?”  Well, I now know that magic has a very, very long history.  So, I broke it up into pieces and started looking for an easy bit of magic’s history that I could look at, and I ended up being drawn to Magic Castle.  The Magic Castle is a world famous club house for magicians. It got it’s start in WW2 when travel was restricted.  Because travel was restricted, a man named Bill Larson Sr. could no longer travel, and he bought the Thayer Magic Company to provide a place for magicians in the same situation as him so they could still come together and practice their art.  In April 1951, an issue of a magic magazine called Genii was released where Larson formally announced the formation of the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences.  All subscribers of the magazine were given an instant membership.  The purpose of this academy was to “advance Magical arts in America.”  Then, in 1961 his son Milt proposed it should be an exclusive club for magicians to practice and learn, and that’s when the Magic Academy became the Magic Castle.  However, there were not enough magicians participating in the club itself, so they brought back the Academy of Magic as well so both aspiring and professional magicians could better their magic skills.  Today they offer workshops and classes for the Magicians who are members of the club.  One of the most interesting things about this club is the history of magic that comes along with it, as apposed to it being a club that opened in the 2000’s with a cool theme.  It’s whole history is intertwined with magic and magicians, and I hope it continues to be a place of magic.



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