Does the way I was raised determine the course of my life?

Are our passions embedded in us as people? Or do we develop them over the course of our childhood?

Nature vs. Nurture is an unproven and controversial subject. Many articles suggested that both or either can contribute to not only a person’s physical attributes, but their emotional and psychological ones as well. The way in which humans develop their passions can stem from both the way they were brought up, or the way our brains are structured.

The information I constructed from many news and research articles related to the topic of nature vs. nurture led me nowhere in the sense of certainty. Many of them contained conflicting information or no definitive information whatsoever. ( )

While the family you were born into generally determines the course of your life financially and geographically, my question stems from the psychological makeup of one’s brain. While children are prone to inherit things such as mental illness from their parents, how far does psychological transfer go? Are the passions of a parent embedded in the child’s brain? Or does the child develop similar passions to the parent due to the presence and discussion of that topic over the course of childhood?

I don’t have an answer. Nobody does. The end, I guess. 


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  1. Raymond 2 years ago

    Hey Lucy, this is an interesting topic. The discussion between Nature vs Nurture has been ongoing in the science community. You’re looking for an either/or, rather than a grey area between the two. I believe the development of any individual is dependent on both factors. While nature is important in influencing our immediate development and capabilities, nurture will work to shape our lives, ideologies, etc, as we grow. Studies have shown the twins separated at birth will show similar preferences in entertainment, subjects, and more while similar studies have also shown that twins separated at birth will have strictly different approaches to obstacles and situations.
    Here’s a link for one of the examples I listed:

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