Transitioning into our last year of high school, we are constantly being reminded of the ways we are growing and the important upcoming decisions we must all make. However how do we truly know what we’re supposed to do?

A simple answer would be to identify our true goals or aspirations and build our future off of what we desire most. We must tap into our dreams and think of inspiring goals that fulfill our deepest desires. Then of course, we must take action to help make our dreams and goals come true. More importantly though, where do we find the goals or aspirations?

We can start answering this question by first identifying the reasons why we need goals. We need goals because they give us meaning and purpose in our lives. Without starting goals and aspirations we wouldn’t be where we are today. Even with simple things we believe are important and decide are important things to accomplish, we grow as people.

Now that we’ve identified why we need goals, we can start figuring out which goals will help us where we are now. In an article on the Huffington post, they tell us that we must not just set goals that we think we should set, but instead consider what is going to totally rock our world and make us happy. You must start by making a list. If you feel as if you don’t know where you want to begin on this list, here is a link to that may help you get on your way! 

Most important of all when your establishing these goals, remember to stop worrying so much about your life purpose and the future. Focus on what will make you happy right now.

Stop worrying! Just have fun and enjoy your life!


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