Hello my name is Anthony Lee I am 16 years old but my birthday is November 24th 2000,  in a couple months my 17th birthday is going to arrive, But I am from a South Korean descent but a Colorado baby as I was born in Aurora, Colorado. I think some important facts you should be informed about me is that I really value my friends and family almost to the point where it can hurt or be dangerous to me, I feel that way about it because I’ve had countless friendships and connections with people that maybe I cared too much for, which usually resulted with me dealing with tons of stress that was not needed, but in the end I really appreciate those moments since I’ve learnt so much from those experiences. I’d probably say my biggest turning point in life was when my Grandma passed away, it was one of the most realizing and most emotional events that I’ve ever had to live through it mentally changed me making me realize how fast someone can just not be there. It made me realize that time flies by fast and that I shouldn’t take anything for granted and to just spend a lot of more time with the people I love.

What I’d say I like to do while I’m in school is I love just seeing my friends everyday, because trust me I love doing class work all day and conversing with teachers but besides that I just really enjoy spending time with my classmates and having a high school experience with them. One other thing I love about school is I love to go to after school activities as in sports events, soccer, football, etc. I think i got this way because I’ve basically been with my same classmates for a couple years now and over the few years I’ve learnt and grown with all these people so experiencing high school with them is just great they’re just like family to me.

I’m not particularly good at many things out of school but one thing I think i’m pretty solid at is talking or socializing with people. I feel like I’ve achieved good socializing skills by talking to my friends about their problems, giving them my advice and seeing how my advice helps them out or not.




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