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Question: What would it be like to be an only child? I think that it would be hard but also kind of nice. You have no one to hang out with if all of your friends are busy. You have all of the chores of the house to do by yourself. Some good things would be that you don’t have to argue or get in fights with any of your siblings. It would also be nice because you would get all of the attention but that would also be a bad thing because your parents would never leave you alone.

I would like to know this because I have always had an older brother around me and I do not know any other type of living. I would also like to find out more because my brother left to college a little bit ago and I am now finding out what it is like.


Everything that I have found so far was that people really enjoyed being an only child. I also found experiences people enjoyed and disliked about being an only child.


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  1. kayden 2 years ago


    growing up with siblings is always nice but may have its difficulties at times. you build certain relationships with your siblings, they help you grow as a person but throughout your family. The chores load would be a pain but that may also give you more freedom since you are the only child. these questions that you impose would be great to understand if you were a only child. in which I ask a question do you think that your personality would be different if you didn’t have any siblings? below I left a video of some personality traits of an only child and see if they may answer your questions.

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