My name is Alexandria,I am 16 years old,born on April 18,2001.I was born here in Aurora,Co.It’s important to know that i’m just now starting to drink coffee(iced) and its helps me wake up,now i see why people drink it.I am in love with PNB Rock(a singer/rapper).Something big that happened to me was leaving my mom in Texas to come back to this boring box state.The only place i lived is here in colorado. want to live in Texas with my mom though or i would live in Atlanta that would be nice.

In school I love to go to photography class.I like taking pictures,so it’s good for me to learn how an actual camera works.Im pretty good at algebra,so sometimes i like math but not really.I love my off period,i get a lot of homework done in the library.I love lunch even though i don’t eat but it’s a great little break to have.I like to play volleyball,but i didn’t try out for the school team.I also like homecoming week and this year i get to go to prom so i’m very excited.

Outside of school I enjoy eating and sleeping,fun fact i can do both at the same time!I love watching youtube couples and just people on Youtube in general.Another fun fact I had a youtube in 6th grade but i thought that people could kidnap you so i deleted all my cool edited videos.I like to learn how to cook.I absolutely love babysitting this baby’s name is Cameron he is one years old and he’s my favorite one year old in the world.Last, I like to hang out with my friends of course and do fun and dumb stuff.


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  1. Tori 4 months ago

    Dear Alexandria,
    I am happy with your post ,”Three Paragraphs About Me,” because the thought flow is good. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “I like taking pictures, so it’s good for me to learn how an actual camera works” I think this is moving because you also stated that you use to have your own YouTube channel. Maybe in the future you should try again since you have more knowledge. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next and good luck babysitting!

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