“A feeling of great pleasure or happiness,” this is joy, there are a number of reasons this is my favorite word. First, because I love the meaning of the word, it reminds me of so many great memories. One of those memories being when my mom, grandma, and I got matching heart tattoos two summers ago, and that heart symbolizes love and joy. Each time I look at my wrist I think of my mom and grandma and I love all the memories, laughter and, fun that comes to mind. The best way I can describe joy from a personal story is when my mom, brother and I flew to Montana this summer to surprise my grandma for her birthday. She only thought my mom was coming, and we planned it so she would only see my mom first when we got to my uncle’s house! Then a few minutes after my brother and I came walking up his driveway, it was the best surprise! I remember the excitement, and anxiousness I felt travelling to Montana and then finally walking around the corner to surprise her, it was the best feeling, and seeing her reaction was even better. She was so full of joy, now as I think of that word that is always the story that comes to mind. Joy comes to people in all sorts of ways, to me joy comes from doing activities I love to do, like exercising, singing, dancing, spending time with friends and family etc. Also by helping others, from something as simple as holding the door open to paying it forward in the drive-thru.


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  1. Amanpreet 2 years ago

    Dear McKenna, I really find this post to be interesting because I myself am a really happy and joyful person and it’s amazing learning the story behind the word itself. Something that interested me was when you stated in your post “First, because I love the meaning of the word, it reminds me of so many great memories.” I loved how you shifted the word into a memory and gave an example of it, I just found it to be amazing. I feel like you dragged just a little bit but it was still very good, I love how you made comparisons.

    Regards Amanpreet Dhillon

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