Porpoise, my younger sister’s pet rat was small and frankly gross but somehow made life very interesting. This time in our life was hard, our family was going through an economic drought not to mention my sister and I had just gotten through our 11 year feud and were slowly becoming friends. The day we got the rat I had watched a documentary on dolphins and thought that porpoise was a pretty cool name for an animal. We were on our way home from Preuss Pets and my sister could not think of a name. We were on good terms the day of the purchase so I suggested Porpoise for the rats name and my mom mocked me saying that is a silly name, my sister on the other hand loved it. My suggestion that day made that white rodent become Porpoise. This moment is so clear in my head, the first time my now best friend listened to what I had to say and let me into her life. Porpoise became a connection for us, we would play with her and talk about her becoming our main conversation. When she passed away my sister was devastated and although it was a good rat I was glad she was gone, I mean that thing sure did smell bad, but made Annie and I the friends we are today. The word Porpoise will always bring joy into my heart and remind me of the beginning of the most important thing in my life, Annie.


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  1. Sara 2 years ago

    This is an amazing story. I am so glad that you and your sister were able to find that connection. I know it can be hard because I have a sister who is much older than me and it was very difficult for us to connect as both family and friends. I like that your relationship only continued to grow and I think that porpoise is one of the best names I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing this story. I hope to read some more from you because this story was so simple, but still heart warming and real. Have a great day!

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