My name is KyAnnah, I am 16 years old, I was born on October 23rd 2000 in Seattle, Washington and lived there for the first 14 years of my life. I lived with my mom and  my 2 older siblings. In 8th grade I began a new journey and moved to Colorado when I started high school at Rangeview high school. In my life I am most dedicated to cheer, family and of course school. To me, something that should be most important to you is family. My family has helped me become who i am. At 15 my life changed drastically. My mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I missed much of school because there wasn’t any chance I would let my mom go to chemotherapy alone. My mother and I had a tradition, every time she was done with chemo we would go eat lunch at jus grill. With my mom being diagnosed it was obviously extremely hard but it helped shape me. I became more responsible and respectful as a student and a person in general.

During my first 2 years of high school I began to learn more about what I like and also what I don’t like I also learned what I was most good at and what was hard for me. I’ve learned that I love science and it is something I am naturally good at. I have also learned I hate math and even though I understand the concept I still struggle more than others. One thing I love most about school is the activities like the plays or stage crew. I am on the cheer team as a varsity member which this year we are working towards competing at nationals in Florida. Being apart of the team has made my junior year a good year already. Although cheering takes up 75% of my time it is definitely worth it. Not only do I get to bond with people I never thought I would bond with it also is another thing that keeps me motivated to do good in school and outside of school by creating a positive impact.

Cheer does take up most of my life with all the practices, games and classes, but when I am not cheering I try to have a fun time. Hanging out with my friends is very important to me because not only do you have people to laugh with you also have people that could possibly be best friends for the next 20 years. I try to stay stress free as much as possible and to do so after practice i usually walk my dog around the trail I live by and also shop with my mom a lot. When shopping we usually check out thrift stores. My mom and I love thrifting because it may be cheap but when you really look you can find cute stuff. Even though my life has been a struggle, the struggle is what makes me, me.

Photo by WalterPro

Photo by WalterPro


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  1. Hailey 2 years ago


  2. Zaire 2 years ago

    I know that your a strong girl and I’ve seen nothing but growth from you, and I hope that you stick with cheer because your so good at it. Stay up kid.

  3. Nealani 2 years ago

    Much love for you

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