Hello. My name is Makenna Nowling. I am a very funny, unique, kind, and friendly person. I am also very sweet. I was born on February 17th, 2000. A turning point in my life was when I met the most important person in my life, my best friend. He has helped me so much. I have lived in Denver, Parker, Aurora, Bennett, and Strasburg. I finally settled in a home 5 years ago and stopped moving around so much. As a kid I had to raise myself and take care of my mom and kind of raise her. My dad got put in jail for something that he didn’t do or have any part in. Even to this day I still have to take care and mainly be the parent. I had to be my own role model and learn things for myself.

In school, I like history and I kind of like english. I like to play volleyball. That is my main sport that I love. I also like soccer. I am thinking of playing this year. I am really good at history. For some reason I just really like history. I think it is because I love to learn and I feel like history gives me the best opportunity to learn all that I can.

Out of school I love to hang out with my best friend. We have so many memories. I love to travel. I have only been to maybe less than 15 places. I would say off the top of my head, I can think of 6. I like to work and make money. I play competitive volleyball. I am really good at that. I got good at this sport by playing for 10 years. Since I was 8 years old. It is a passion of mine. Lately though I haven’t been wanting to play. I am good at a lot because I push myself and I try my hardest to do the very best that I can.


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