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Beauty to me doesn’t have to an earthly thing; beauty ranges from music, a person, an act of kindness, or even a story. On this MIchigan morning is where I found a bit of beauty and had to write about it, There’s not a star shining down on the world tonight, It’s a terribly lonely night– to be the sky at least, but it finds company within me. The nonexistence of the stars tonight permits me to see true beauty. Since there are no stars out I find beauty in aspects of night I took for granted; the never ending rain drops tapping on the window and the hand of air as it brushes my tears away. I gazed out the window for the remainder of the night to hear the birds hymns of LOVE. The birds continued their aesthetic song that peacefully woke up the wide reaching sun; the sun lazily filled the sky with boisterous shades of yellow, followed behind it shades of purple and pink crept up from behind to hug the sun, after the sky and sun reunited shades of red and orange dashed across the unfinished canvas. This is just one example of beauty that may go unnoticed and that’s the sunrise in Okemos, Michigan. Some things I love about beauty is that anyone can produce and experience beauty. Everyday I see at least one example of beauty most of the time without me consciously knowing, but when I do. I take a second to unwind and admire what has been left for me to enjoy and admire. I enjoy the fact that beauty isn’t excluded from one person but instead it is left for everyone to find and interpret beauty in their own way.


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  1. Jessie Eastland 1 year ago

    That’s no Jessie Eastland photo.

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