David Arismendez                                                                                                                                                               9/19/17

On the topic of racism

The idea of racism has only been debated as recently as the civil war. That is when people really decided that discrimination is wrong, because of President Abraham Lincoln. Until then, owning slaves and picking on other races was a common activity. It was unspoken that colors are inferior to whites. President Abraham Lincoln successfully abolished slavery, in turn sparking a bloody civil war between northern and southern states.

My perspective on racism is a unique one. I choose to not discuss racism publicly because the idea of it is old to me. The fact that people still have to debate over whether or not it is right is dumbfounding. Our civilization is so caught up in useless ideals and biases that we forget about our responsibilities to the world. People argue about things that they think is right because that is how they were raised. That excuse won’t work in 10 years when the children of millennials overshadow older ones. The idea of evolution from a mob mentality is a slow one, despite how wrong it may seem some people are simply brainwashed from childhood to only associate with certain colors for whatever reason.

Alas, we are all guilty of a smidge of racism. The chances are, if you are of a pale skin color, your husband or wife will not be of a dark skin tone. We have an internal preference in skin color no matter how pure you think you are. You can not judge others that are raised this way, attempting to change. Only punish those who still try to teach the ideals to the next generation.

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  1. Jade 1 year ago

    I am satisfied with you post because you make very valid points when it came to what racism was and why we got rid of it before the civil war. I love that you used background knowledge to prove your point in what is happening is society. One thing that stood out “Our civilization is so caught up in useless ideals and biases that we forget about our responsibilities to the world.” I think this is the intelligent because it speaks many truths in what we as people in the world do and tend to forget whats important.

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