“I zoomed right outta there.”

It has always sounded much slicker than saying “I left.”

It’s a phrase I often use. If one were to ask my friends, they would most certainly agree.

Words beginning with the letter Z are few and far between so if given the choice to use that word, then I’m all for it. If it also includes double letters, even better, sign me up.

Zoom has a definition of moving at a quick pace, such as a sports car.

Besides the previous definition, the zoom on a camera also refers to magnifying a subject through a camera lens.

Taking photographs is an enjoyable hobby for many and zooming in and out are vital parts of taking a good shot in photography.

The popularity of the word shot up near 2010. Perhaps this is because of the higher popularity of cameras that have the zoom capability.

Another cause of the rise in popularity of the word has to do with pop culture; the increase of using alternative words to describe something in a sentence to make an individual sound “cooler.”


Zoom zoom.




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made the photo in photoshop

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