My favorite word is actually 2 words and those two words are “thank you.” You may be wondering why that’s my favorite word well good thing I’m about to explain it. I work at a swimschool, so I teach kids how to swim. It can be very stressful especially when you have kids who just DO NOT listen. Then there are those kids who are super sweet and funny that make getting hit and bruised completely worth it. For me personally I love when my students say “thank you” or even better when the parents thank me because they know their child is crazy. Being a swim teacher though it may sound easy and relaxing, it’s not. I have to make sure kids are sitting on the bench, listening to my instructions and most importantly not drown. Some days are very stressful and there’s nothing better than a simple thank you to make it all worth it.


 Now, receiving a thank you is great but saying it is even better. I will be in the line at the lunch room seeing the lunch lady kinda sad and gloomy I make sure to smile at them. Then they smile back, when I say thank you they always smile. I feel like maybe I have made them feel appreciated and I do appreciate them. Because you never know what’s going on in someone’s mind some people have happy thoughts and others don’t. So the fact that you don’t know means you should just play it safe and make sure that they feel appreciated.

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